DN-S3500 & DN-X1500 spares

I’ve decided to sell my old gear that’s been lying around unused for many many years. Does any one know of any spares available?

The buttons on the mixer are all a little “wobbly” and it needs two new channel up faders and the players need the platter clips in the centre.

Is there an alternative to the platter clips? Maybe a rubber washer?

I’ve found a replacement up fader on eBay but the platter clips are rare now. The gear is in grrat condition apart from these small issues. I’d like to get it up to spec if I can but need advise on cheap spares.

For dnx1500 ive used faders from pio six hundreed mixing console from aliexpress. Works pretty as they should. Only difference is that clone one were more like mixing , not so free as in tention as originals

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Thanks for that. I may give them a go.