DN-S1200 Deck-B no more recognized as a second Sound Card

UPDATE: For anyone interested, I re-installed everything except the Denon ASIO driver and everything is back to normal. I am now running on the windows usb audio drivers.

Hello everyone. Although new in this forum, I am a happy owner of a “2x DN-S1200 + DN-X120” setup since 2009. Recently though, a problem has occurred which messed everything up for me.

My setup is linked to a laptop in order to control a dj software (Virtual DJ) and up to about a month ago everything worked flawlessly.

If I remember correctly, I used to see two separate audio devices in the Denon ASIO interface, named as “DN-S1200_0” & “DN-S1200_1”, which meant I could use the DN-X120 through VDJ to mix the two sound sources.

As of late, both decks show up as “DN-S1200_0” in the ASIO interface, which means I cannot use the second “Audio Card” as a sound source, hence no more external mixing through the DN-X120. Now, I can only use the decks as simple controllers and I am forced to mix with a mouse through the software, which is frustrating and very limiting…

Is the above making any sense to anyone? I know my gear is considered “old”, but everything worked fine until last December. Since then, I made no hardware, software or OS changes whatsoever and the decks have been updated to the latest firmware for many years now. I tried reinstalling everything (DENON ASIO drivers, VDJ), but with no luck…

Does anyone know what is going on here? Could this be due to a Windows 10 update or something? Any help would be much appreciated.