DN-HD2500 unable to open mp3 CBR 320kbs / undetectable as soundcard in Win10 / 64bits

I bought this controller for a few dollars thinking that I could use it easily in standalone or sound card mode. Yesterday by copying a simple list of mp3 files CBR 320kbs in the device, I realize that it reads only 39 out of 90. Deception … In addition, I cannot detect it as soundcard in windows 10/64 bits. I specify here that I already have a controller for Traktor and that I simply wanted to have a simple standalone player if necessary. (This is a google translation from french…)


Windows 10 and 64 bits were both science fiction at the time when the 2500 came out - it’s midi features were added after launch and were very basic - so just button presses were sent they midi - I don’t recall if it could be used as a sound card or not

What about difficulties with mp3 ?

Mal-formed MP3s can give different difficulties to different players : try dropping the troubled tunes out to CD-R then re re ripping them - also get rid of their album art . Some tracks have huge album art that stops some players from liking the file

Thank you very much !!! Everything work now, I removed album art from my mp3 files. And about the soundcard mode, I have to select Midi from source and not PC. As soundcard I have to say it sounds really well even on my Naim system… Merci encore !!!

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