DN-F300 Solid State Player Help!

HI! I have a DN-F300 rack mount media player. (USB/SD) The unit is stuck at F/W Recover. When powered up, that’s all you get on the display. There is a service bulletin out regarding this and I followed the instructions to re-install the firmware to no avail. I’ve tried reinstalling the firmware (Two versions) I contacted denon tech support. They sent me the firmware files and after that didn’t resolve, they suggested it was a hardware problem. When you start the firmware update, it’s supposed to erase the previous firmware. It seems that’s not happening. Has anyone had this issue? Any guesses? I can replace it for 200 bucks if I wanted to so I’m probably not sending it out for service. If I kill it trying to fix it, I won’t lose any sleep. Also, does anyone have the service manual? I can’t find one for under 25 bucks.