DMX laser needs to be prepared in SoundSwitch desktop or not?

This is a newbe question.

I have a Denon Prime Go, updated to 2.1 with Engin Lighning. I have the Soundswitch DMX cable And an DMX laser, IBIZA light SCAN500RGB.

I want that my laser reacts to the beatgrid. I want to control the laser colors from my Prime Go.

My question is: Do I need to install SoundSwitch on a laptop, and prepare the things there. Do I need to analyse the tracks in Engin DJ on my laptop, add (pre-genarated) lightshows there And then synch all of that to the Prime Go, to get it to work?

Or should is also be plug and play, just connect the laser with the cable to the Prime Go. Select the laser for DMX input and off you go?

Second related question: Does this work also with streaming services? For example when I download a song from Tidal or Beatport, the Prime Go analyses the song, adds a lightshow and done. Or no chance at all that this is going to work like that?





  1. Download and install Soundswitch Desktop

  2. Launch SS desktop and Add your Ibiza Lazer to the venue (just use the pre-loaded venue)

  3. “Export Project” - Pick you SD card as destination and save on the Root (or you can create a folder Called Engine Lighting and save in that)

  4. Exit SS

  5. Put SD card in GO, connect ur SS dongle, connect your laser

  6. Switch to Engine Lighting mode on the GO, select the project file that has the Lazer

Thats it

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You don’t know how much you helped me get this sorted out. Thank you for that! I will take the time tonight to take these steps. I’ll be in touch!

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Well, the questions are answered. I added the laser, it is the correct one like in your printscreen. I first tested with the Prime Go, but switched to testing with my laptop. So I connected the SoundSwitch dmx micro interface cable to my laptop and using SoundSwitch on my laptop.

I can load a track, pre generate a lightshow. Or just play the build in music. Funny thing, is. When I click on the Demostration venue, my laser goes off. When I click the new venue with my laser fixture added. Nothing happens. Both are on dmx1 channel.

I noticed the positions, that on the Demonstration Venue the fixtures also have a dot in position. My added laser does not show up in there at all. That is the only difference I can find.

Been searching alot now. I think I will fiddle a bit more. And maybe post another question for SoundSwitch.

I will mark this one as solved, because my initial questions are answered.

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The positions is for moving heads I believe.

You can add the laser to the demonstration venue as well or any other venue that you want.

Check the options in Engine Lighting.

Sometimes pressing stop and start on Engine lighting settings can help

The positions are indeed, not for lasers. Learning fast here.

I tried so many things. I start testing in soundswitch itself, on the laptop. It is not responding to autoloops at all. Or to midi changes of color. Not if I place the laser in the demonstration venue, not in his own venue.

The laser is working with an autoloop in de default demonstation venue, or in a copy off with just one, non laser, fixture on dmx1. But ofcource colors change with the buttons do not match. But technically it it working.

Just want it to do the same with my ibiza laser fixture in there.

I made a video of it.

Sended it to soundswitch. Should be a simple setting, or just not working.

Have you tried Attribute cues to control your laser ?

I just did try atrribute cues. I added a new on. In the properties I have 18 options with value 0. I setted the first, on/off power, to 1.

That turns on my laser.

I saved that. I loaded up a song.

I went to autoscript, advanced. There the new atrrbute cue is. Generate, the new attribute cue will be placed in the result. Playing the song, when arriving at that attribute cue, turns on the laser. And it stays on.

I understand a laser has much more settings than a moving head for example. So much settings for patters, color, x as, y as, etc So I can understand that this makes it more complex.

I do not want to make it complex. I was hoping for more simple. Just by loading the laser, go to midi green, press green and my laser turns green. But it is not.

And also doing auto program or soundswitch autoloops to go with the music. Would be great if that is possible. But I doubt it.

@Matthew.W may be able to help out

I don’t believe Lasers are controlled by default in the same way as washes and spots, hence my steer to go down the attributes route. I have used attribute cues to handle my lasers, changing colours, patterns etc. Once the cues are created, it is possible to include them in both Autoloops and Auto Scripting, it’s a little work but can be done. @Matthew.W may have other suggestions ?

Hey Team,

Thats correct, Lases re controlled using the Attribute Cues by default, however, there are ways we can map lasers in SoundSwitch so that they are controlled using the Automation.

A couple of questions:

  1. Does the laser have RGB or multiple Colors?
  2. Does it have a size/zoom attribute?
  3. does it have an X & Y movement control?

If so we can do some clever mapping in the fixture profile so that these are controlled using the track features like the Intesnity Graph to control the size/zoom of the laser, this will make the laser pulse in size with the beat, its a cool effect.

If the laser has multiple colors we can then map these to the color track

And if it has X and Y Movement we can control that wit the Position Cues and Movement Effects.

Static effects like Patterns etc will still be controlled using Attribute Cues.

If you like, please send the user manual for this fixture here in the chat or to and we will work with you to get this laser mapped out.

Hi Matthew,

First of all, thank you, and the others, for taking the time to react in this post. That is appriciated. Your anwer sounds like the way to go.


  1. Yes it is RGB and it can produce I think 7 colors.
  2. Yes it does
  3. Yes it has.

I am no expert (becoming one like this :slight_smile: )

This is the manual. I have the Scan 500 RGB

Page 6 is the proffesional DMX table with its 17 channels. So, just an example, color green is Channel 12, nr 24. And yes, If I make a Attribute cue of that, I get a green laser beam.

Smart mapping, in SoundSwitch, so that they can be controlled in Automation. Clever mapping, in the fixture profile. I want to give that a attempt :slight_smile: Let me know what to do.

Hey Hubert,

Wow thats a complicated fixture…

Iv done my best to map this.

its now listed under:

Ibiza Light SCAN500RGB

You should find it in your version of SoundSwitch automatically.

Give it a test and see how it goes and let me know if there are any issues.

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Hi Matthew.

Yeah, it is a complex fixture, what did i get myself into here. It is a great laser for streaming on Twitch, get alot of comploments about it.

This is magic. Thank you for the service. I added the fixture. Made the export to sd. Put into my prime go decks. And off we go!

I would just change 2 color mappings.

  1. The pink button give a light blue color. I would move that to the button above the pink button.

  1. The purple button gives pink color. So i would move that color to the pink button.

I do not have purple, so you can map blue too that purple button.

The rest is fine with me! Happy with this. And your support.


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@Matthew.W Just another thought.

Is is not easier to use the easy dmx, 5 channel, in automation? Instead of the complex dmx? Because there you have channel 5 for colors, channel 1 is on/off (for the blackout button) and channel 3 to use all of the 40 build in scenes.

I have the feeling it is doing now much of the same movement (in and out). The build-in scenes are beautifull, if you can adress them in automation that would be a next level step.

If. I am not at your side, And I am not programming the automation. So it is a wish, and I do not know if it can be done.

Hey Hubert,

It is possible for sure, the only thing is that you will need to create a few Attribute Cues to control the lasers patterns, if your happy to do this, I have added the fixture for you.

its listed under:

Ibiza Light SCAN500RGB (5 Channel)

Thank you.

I was also testing the first one you added. Scan500rgb chn =34. colors where almost there, but not all is mixed up more.

In soundswitch, under midi.

Bank with title movement First bar is red, gives me green. Second bar is green, gives me blue. Third bar is blue, gives me red.

Bank with title strobe. First bar is orange, gives me green. Second bar is light green, gives me light blue. Third bar is purple, gives me yellow.

Bank with title hue. First bank is yellow, gives me blue. Second bar is light blue, gives me light blue, correct. Third bar is pink, gives me yellow.

Then your first setup matched more, much more. I rather have the first setup back, with just 2 colors mixed up, than this one. Can you arrange that.

Then it will be ok.

I can try. The problem is that the user manual describes the colors are Blue Violet. I don’t know what color that is?

@Matthew.W Let me check, I can use a atribute cue to set ch12 to a value, so see the color. So that way, I can help you. Is that an idea? The manual is off at the color point, I see that now.


  • 0-7 gives me the pattern in all colors (any random button to map to? Like smoke?)
  • 8-15 gives me red (map to Movement, bar red)
  • 16-23 gives yellow (map to Stobe bar orange and Hue bar yellow)
  • 24-31 gives green (map to Movememt bar green and Stobe bar lightgreen)
  • 32-39 gives me lightblue I call it (map to Hue bar lightblue)
  • 40-47 gives me dark blue puple like. For my eyes is it dark blue (map to Movement bar blue and Strobe bar purple)
  • 48-55 gives me pink for sure (map to hue bar pink)
  • 56-63 is white (map to Bar White)

Can you also map the bar Black Out, to turn it off? And on.

I think then the colors are mapped correctly. So I can switch color, or put the multi color back on. I can turn it off and on All on the Prime 4 and Prime Go. That should be it.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

This fixture also appeared in my Soundswitch!

So this means that the fixtures are downloaded in real time from your server? So they are not in the software installed on the PC? :thinking: