DLNA / NAS server connections

I have a lot of music on a NAS server. I don’t need Tidal or online services.

I would just like to be able to choose and select files from a server. Either SMB or DLNA would work. Read only access.

And yes, I do take a one disk synology NAS with me as a backup to the internal SSD when out.

Even nicer would be backup SSD to or from NAS . but baby steps. #prime4 #feature-request

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There’s an actual feature request form online on the forum that you need to fill out for suggestions. It’s got a half dozen questions on it.

However, you might find a suggestion already started for NAS usage, that someone else has already submitted. In which case you just vote for their idea by adding your “like” to it.

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Please check out the feature request page and like the existing requests. Here is one of this requests. Need to push it with more likes, so maybe it became more attention to Development team.


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