Djing with a disability

Hi, Mission_Impossible here, I am from new Jersey and I and I am twenty-two years old. I have physical disability and I am starting to DJ and it is hard because I have limited mobility, but I’m also determined to everybody that nothing is impossible.

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You go! We are living in wonderful times with all kinds of electronic help available. From touch screen controllers to some early attempts at “air” systems where you just move your hands in the air to make things happen.

Hope you can find some like-minded souls who can help you along.

Looking at the DJ MAG top100 I would say “you’re definitely not alone!”. Okay bit over the line there… :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could you give more info on what you can or cannot do? Is bigger knobs and wider spread layout a solution? Don’t know if these kind of units are available, but perhaps there are some. Bigger touchscreen is indeed another option.

A friend of mine is visually impaired and he simply solves this “challenges” by using big screens with lower resolution.

That’s gotta be tough but well you’re certainly going for it so big props to you for not just rolling over and giving up.

When I DJ I think of my acceptance into clubs DJ positions to be something that I should get based on my mix CDs not low-cut attire or figure etc - those things don’t mean that I find it easier or more difficult to choose tracks or mix them. I hope your DJ skills aren’t mis-judged in the same way.

Keep going !