DJed the revolution yesterday

DJed the revolution yesterday.

It was like a cheesy 90s movie the state capital didnt want to give power to the traditional powered sound system. Almost 10,000 people couldnt hear talks. I rolled up in the middle and took the passive speakers off the poles and setup my battery powered speakers. Connected a xVive transmitter to the Prime Go mic input and handed the mic to the next person talking. Felt bad using the passive speakers as table for my Prime Go lol.

After the speakers I started a dance party. The search function in Engine Os worked well. For request that I didn’t have on SD card I plugged a phone into the aux on the Prime Go.

2 New Soundboks speakers, Prime Go wireless to speakers, Sure SM58 mic with xVive U3C transmitter plugged into Prime Go. All battery powered wireless system.


No lockdown or social distancing required there now then? Lucky

no lock down for locals. All visitors need to quarantine 14 days. People had mask on.

I feel sorry for ALL lifes that are victims to brutality in all ways - 100%…And statements need to be made, so we can stop this from happening.

But I just dont understand WHY people go on the streets in those big crowds we see today.

In Copenhagen we had a BLM-demonstration yesterday - 15.000 people not carring about the pandemic and not carring about the victims that can be a result of so many people gathered.

Honestly, it blows my mind!

And at the same time people complaint about deliverytimes, when they can start going out again, travle again, have their parties and so on…well - you just ruined it for the next couple of months, you xxxxx… :smiley: (not you kaleo10… it was generel I meant :slight_smile: )


That’s 15000 people heading back to 15000 separate homes with an average of 3 people in each home … 45000 people then circulating the next day meeting ?? People each … ?? X 45000 …

Will their death certificates show cause of death as “Knew somebody with zero intelligence and zero conscience” ?

My point exactly. People are crazy sometimes. And as far at I can see, the black girl on the picture, on the left side, dont cover her mouth or nose when the picture was taken. She´s pulling the mask down at that exact moment.

Anyhow, back on topic - @kaleo10 - At all other times I would say: Cool use of a wireless setup :slight_smile: Well done!

That is no thing that you have to want Google or any other to permanently remember you to doing.

I would say you delete quick before google bots cache your accessory to it all.

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I think it’s more acceptable in the US in terms of the demonstrations as their system is just so broken, however, in parts of Europe it is just not acceptable.

Europe for the most part does not have the same problems regarding race, police brutality etc - yes the history of a lot of countries is inherently racist and there are racist folk, but they tend to not be openly racist (and generally even if they are the worst they’ll do is say some bad words) and so they can be dealt with later when we don’t have a worldwide pandemic going on.

Police killings of civilians are also much lower simply because there aren’t many countries that have that amount of the general population with guns, so the police are inherently less afraid of being shot by some lunatic waving a gun around. US police are taught to be afraid and thus shoot first, ask questions never.

The real irony of course is that the very groups protesting are the ones most susceptible to severe illness from Covid-19 (BAME groups) - it’s just crazy and people don’t think logically.


What are these group ? Sorry

Black, Asian and minority ethnic

Thank you for the clarify

I agree that its more accepted in the states due to the situation they have there, and I do believe that people should speak up/ do whatever it takes.

Its 2020 and no one should live with that kind of brutality, just because of a colour or a religion!

But the level of ignorance seen in Copenhagen this weekend, was just…amazing.

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Yup, same here in the UK.

Please : Denon’s forum here.

This is a DJ forum. I ask the moderators to keep this off of the “DJ” forums.

Many of you have no idea of what you’re talking about, what’s going on and what some people deal with on a daily basis. Some people may believe…“some things are worth sacrificing for”, particularly when they’re lives are at risk on a daily basis.

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This post is about how Denon Prim Go works best for live events like this. I was able to carry it around in a backpack and there was no power to plug in. Its a uses case for the functionality of Denon Prime Go.

I think you’re right - the whole post, picture and replies should all be removed from the forum

Spare a thought for the girl in the Home made mask - clearly made out of a pair of old knickers …

They were plain white when she bought them … five years ago

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This was not directed at you Kaleo10. Great use case and example of creativity with battery powered speakers, etc.

You may want to change the title a little, as some may take an offense or as political speech on a DJ forum.

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You can only work towards addressing racism through educating people, therefore, talking about it (anywhere) should never be frowned upon. Not sure why some of y’all are bent out of shape because of a few comments and opinions which are not even racist. The opinions were simply criticizing the lack of care for the pandemic; both of which are worthy issues; both of which kill.

@kaleo10 great setup and thanks for sharing. Keep at it and hope together we can make a change for the better.