Dj X1800 Major manufacturing failure: Interference problem and internal cracking

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I’m new to the community I hope I can get some answers from you

My product is registered on my account

1.And I just made a second request for technical support after an unanswered first one in October.

  1. After several calls to the customer service of my seller without response.

  2. Add to that a lot of frustration with only 16 months of staff usage.

I hope here that a Good Samaritan can help me so that my X1800 is repaired.

Dj X1800 Major manufacturing failure: Interference problem

  • I believe I am not the first that this problem has happened. Sound CRASH interfered with sound went out to monitor and loud squeaking noise inside continuously; the noise suggests a mechanical problem. ** It has been since July 2020 that I can no longer use my blender after several temporary. *** Only 16 months of staff use, 3 hours a week under the conditions of use respecting all the criteria of the guaranteed form of Denon DJ since the purchase.

---- inMusic Brands, Inc. (“inMusic”) warrants an initial warranty that Denon DJ products are ***** free from - * defect in material ---- or workmanship under normal conditions of use—

Bad decision to have thought that “‘Numarks’ could play in the big leagues with their reliability even though I love Denon and will give the products another chance once again; previously I had to sell my first MCX 8000 for operating problem after 1 year of use.

I am tired and very disappointed that I haven’t been able to use my blender for this long.

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Seems like I’m going through the same thing. You’re describing the same problem I’m experiencing. Made a request to support as well. I’ve had my unit since the release is the only difference.

This is my video

This has been happening since day one and Denon has done nothing about it. Unless you have a good retailer your stuck with a useless mixer. I sent mine back to Denon UK and the Lies Denon told me and the retailer were horrendous. In the end my retailer sent me a new mixer.