DJ Software Fundamental Features for a joyful experience

What do you consider as fundamental or minimum requirement for Library Preparation/Music Manager software like Engine Prime


  1. Relocate Files function
  2. Unrestricted BPM/Beatgrid edit function
  3. Near perfect BPM/Tempo detection algorithm
  4. Frequent enough bug fixes and general software updates
  5. Bulk deletion of Missing Files
  6. Main Collection Migration assistant

I know Engine Prime is relatively young compared to the others but i will have thought that was an advantage in that it can take the best features from every other software already available, add their own extras. Its not like they are reinventing the wheel.


I would add…

  1. The ability to sort by any/all of the viewable metadata.

I’d have said that missing files , and then the need to relocate them is more of a housekeeping task that should be down to the computer/file owner rather than the DJ prep software.

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Will you classify "a duplicate finder " as a primary or bonus requirement?

as a bonus as a missing file could mean you can’t play that certain song however a duplicate file only fills up your drive but doesn’t do any harm.