Dj prime 4 need name category and better search

I have on the unit for almost a year if not a little more now one of the biggest issues I keep having is the engine Prime software taking forever to analyze songs. And another huge issue I have is that there is no name category in the separate category search options. I feel you shouldn’t have the same options as most of the music options in Windows encerrado. I’m having a very difficult time trying to find the names of songs and album titles and all kinds of difficulty just searching. I love this thing but damn it it has given me nothing but a headache with my library this thing needs to be up to date with Serato and Windows 10 on the search options available or you will not be able to navigate your library whatsoever.

Hello @Dominotrixter, First and very fundamental thing in easy searching is to have Your music perfectly organised. There are many ways to do it, but best is to start from sorting out Your music folder structure and file names. Next is Your tags. And then in the Dj software any organisation is very easy and simple. After You do this, searching on any Dj software, or dj system will be very easy and efficient.


Yes. Do it now while your collection is still smaller than it will be


What is the perfect music organization?

I think that can be defined as what works ?

Looks like OP hasn’t decided on organization that works.

Some use crates, some use playlist, some use tags. I know a good few guys that just type every track they need.

Perfect organisation of the music files is the way that You can locate any music file with and without any music organisation software and within any of them as well. But mostly important is the way that You can find any tracks by hand without any search engine.

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Thanks for the tips unfortunately with this machine once you have the library uploaded onto the controller itself you are not able to search label directory or the entire file name or by album please make these features available asap Denon on the controller

when you say tags do you mean comments? i would love a flat folder structure and just search using genre and comments but the prime 4 doesn’t want to find anything comment wise eg #2020 #techhouse

maintaining a physical folder structure is pretty cumbersome once you get everything on the unit

I was having id3 tags in mind.

sure - it’s all id3 of some standard or another ? sorry i was probably not making sense , i just meant when you have all the title/artist/genre in , the remaining field to put anything else to use is the comment field. here you could put stuff to describe the track further . and it would be nice to search by the contents of this field.

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