DJ Logo on Jog Display

Hi, how i can set up my dj logo to top on players? (on Jog display)


To add your own custom DJ or brand logo simply create a .PNG file, name it “logo.png” and place it into the Engine Library directory on your USB/SD media device.

Ideally the graphic should have dimensions of 600 x 600 pixels.

Dont forget to show us your logo on the platter display after you’ve created it !:trophy:

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Hi, i tried but could not get it there, maybe something with filename or size i dunnno.

Maybe denon could come up with a centerdisplay logo sizer thing in prime or on the website.

I have two logos for my alter egos and i would like to have a camelot wheel sometimes in there.

So a centerdisplay menu in short cuts would be awesome. Cause how much my ego likes to see my logo in there, a camelot wheel on some sessions and album art and other would make more sense to me. But mostly to get it working for me and to be able to change it on the go. If possible.

What happens when you have several USB flash drives connected, all with a different logo.png on them?

It chooses the logo from the profile drive you select.