DJ Laidback Luke mixing with 1 SC5000!

DJ Laidback Luke just posted his latest vlog and this week’s vlog he is doing a mix on 1 SC5000 and a X1800 !!

Showing what can be done with 1 player that has 2 layers !!


[Laidback Luke mix on 1 SC5000]

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although i don’t share his music taste he certainly has skills :sunglasses:

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It was great to see what Luke can do with 1 deck dual Layer mixing. It would be safe to say he probably has more experience on these decks than anyone other DJ out there, and still at times he had to double check what layer he was on. I get it, he’s moving pretty fast as most of us DJ that Play primetime slots will do, and yet you can still see how even someone like Luke can get lost for a quick Second. Most of us will most likely be on 2 SC Primes decks but for those using one deck, maybe Denon can come up with a more Distinct way to signify what Layer your currently on. Other than that I think it was a great demonstration by Luke and Denon definitely has a winner on their hands. Cant wait to get my hands on them!!!


Bolder color difference would of helped. It would be cool if you could have a setting when you got the layer button, the deck flashed a set number of times with the layer change. I’m going to try out a red blue X green yellow set up and see how that treats me.

Maybe you could also have the layer number displayed in the centre Jog display ? :grinning:


Had another thought, why not have the layer button flashing/pulsing on the layer that is playing…static on the layer that is paused and for a couple of seconds after pressing play.

That way for those quick cuts, you would still know which layer was on air as it were :sunglasses:

This of course could be settable in user preferences.

Back to my broadcast days lol…

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please not even more blinking

Hey guys, In Luke’s video, he prefaces by saying he hasnt spent a ton of time with the layering. That said, I’ve tested the layering (using 4 layers on 2 decks) quite a bit and once you get in the groove of working with the layers, knowing which one is which becomes almost a non-issue. The layer button color matches the platter color, which matches the corresponding color on the mixer. The only time the layer button flashes is when the song in the opposing(non-focused) layer is nearing the end


My only thought on this is that in some videos it appears the LED ring on the jog goes dark when the deck is not live. For it to be an effective marker, maybe it should just dim instead. Otherwise I think the implementation looks pretty good.

Good eye Todd,

The LED ring goes dark due to the channel fader(for that deck/layer channel) and/or cross-fader position on the mixer. If layer A on deck 1 is set to channel 1 on the mixer and that channel fader is down, then the LED ring will be dark. Or if it’s set to cross-fader side A and the cross-fader is all the way to side B, then the LED will go dark. This LED ring state is regardless of there being audio played through that channel. And dark just means that you won’t see it’s assigned color. It will be a dim white.