OK sending back, had same issue now on two pcs, coming through headphones too, had enough clearly a design fault not fixed. Not all the time but 70% of the time I have used I am getting distortion. Not even sure I want it replaced to be honest.

This post seems like it’s part of some other story

Have you got a duplicate story running on the Forum already?

At the moment, it just seems like latency being too low on the laptop

If the DJ softwares that you’re using have had an upgrade recently, with new features, then your laptop may need more processing power, or a much higher latency setting, to be able to cope

I am using my main desktop and laptop, both the asme, very intermittent too, latency set at 512 but desktop has plenty of power. Never had any issue with other Denon controller

The 7000 marks a pinnicle of controller-ism especially compared to some of the simpler models. Unfortunately the more lights and controls on a controller, the more the computer or laptop has to think, and I’m sure the DJ software you’ve been using has got more and more features added over the years too.

Try pushing the latency up to max and run some playlists on continuous, see if you still get distortion.

If you do, it’s probably usb drivers - and you’re not using usb hubs are you?

No going straight into usb 3 what is max latency on 512 now