Distortion Issue MC7000 Win10

Hi forum! I’m using Windows 10. After the last update I have a distortion issue after 10min of playback. My laptop is a i7 8th Generation Asus with 16gbram and SSD. I’ll check the latency but nothing im frustrated.

Distorted immediately or distorts after the laptop has been running for a few hours ?

After 10/15 minutes. :frowning:

Try increasing the latency setting . Laptops slow down as they get warm , it’s their way of cooling down

I’ve got the same problem with ASUS VIVOBOOK and i cannot fix It. I changed the latency but It doesn’t work… How can i fix It!?

I also contacted twice the support from DENONDJ but no One answered :slight_smile:

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I have the issue with a Asus Zenbook UX433. Today after 17min increase a distortion.

I assume this is with Serato ?. Serato and Windows 10 is just horrible. There is a real issue with the sound sub-system and time duration. These threads are very popular over on Serato forums. There is no issue with the mc7000 itself.

Fix: Install Windows 7 as a dual boot. Then you have a clean OS to use just for DJ work. Thats what i have. Serato works perfectly in Win7. No freezing, no sound issues. Just reliability. I do Club sets, and a FM Radio show so cannot have my laptop freezing on me. I know people with MACs that have freezing issues too. But Win7 is just perfect.