Distortion after few songs gradually getting worse

Hello there, I resently purchased Denon mc 7000. Its a great controller but am going through some issues:

Strange thing started after few songs of play the system starts to sound like Distortion and it gets worse. I have the following Mac book pro, Virtual DJ, denon MC 7000, bose l1 model 2 with bose tone match mixer. I did try to listen to songs on headphones directly connected to MacBook Pro while it was playing on Virtual DJ it sounded fine but I didn’t wait listen to lots of songs and it could have sounded distortion. I turned off then turned on the entire system and it sounds alright for few songs and then again it sounds distortion and gets worse. Not sure what’s going on any ideas will greatly be appreciated. Thank you so very much for all your guidance. Faisal

Hi SlamJam. If you’re running High Sierra then the first thing to try is the new (2 days ago) firmware for the MC7000, which was released solely to remedy a distortion issue which High Sierra users have noticed.

Other than the High Sierra aspect, there are some more common distortion remedies. including raising the latency setting to something which the computer can maintain not only whilst cool, but also once it’s warmed up (computers run slower when hot - it’s a cooling strategy for them).

It’s not uncommon for a user who achieves a latency of 15ms without distortion, when the computer is first on (and cool) to need to up the latency to 25ms or higher in preparation for when the computer runs hotter, later. This could be part of the “Starts off ok, but distorts later on” situation which you’re experiencing.

Give these ideas a go, and please let us know how it goes for you.