Display Freezes

I just exchanged my controller on the 12DEC2019 and took my MCX8000 on a gig 13DEC2019 and the right display screen locked up on me during the party. The controller has less than 12 hours use on it and it froze up. I needed to restart Serato DJ Pro as well as the controller. I hope this was an isolated case and that it will not happen again. This is my second controller in 2 months.


Hey mate there is a workaround for the screen freezing and it has worked for me for a while now.

Go into settings and turn the screen brightness down -1 depending on what version of engine you are running this should say either "Medium"or 90%

This totally fixed my controller even though i didnt think it would at first.

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I solved this problem by creating another volume on my MacBook. One volume I’m using CATALINA and I do not use my MCX8000 with this OS anymore and just use MOJAVE and I am not experiencing any problems anymore.


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Hey can you provide the tutorial that you used to make the second volume.

Unfortunately my MacBook is very new and shipped with Catalina installed so i am feeling i will not be able to roll the OS back.

Sorry I have been busy but if you google how to create another volume with Mojave you should find a tutorial. Check this link it may help you.