display 2 waves per deck

Is it possible to show both waves of deck 1 and 2 on 1 display under each other? Or behind the other one? Just like in Virtual DJ for example?

Like this :

That would be really cool. So you can bring more attention to the controller then to the laptop or desktop

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I don’t think it is to hard to implement this into the software…

Reaction from the Team would be nice…

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I would say that you’re asking the impossible.

Can’t you just use sync to achieve the same? Especially now that you have beatgrids/beatsync on the MCX and not just temposync.

yeah i can use that, but when i press Sync it sometimes not sync it correctly. And when i am live i don’t have the time to adjust everything. But why do you think it is impossible? An overlay is not that hard? You only have to tell the system to display wave 1 and wave 2 on the same display with another color…

And what if left and right sections of MCX work as separate players?

That’s the reason why god made programmers for right?

It’s probably best to think of the 8000 as any other single core controller - they are already at the upper edge of what they can process between a computer and a midi controller and what a single core can do.

With the latest huge firmware update to the 8000 I think of the 8000 as a party balloon that’s been inflated to its full size already. Try and puff one more breath into it and pop!

To get twice as many of waveforms on each screen would be stress on the 8000. It has clawed it way up to talking to Engine Prime but I feel it is hanging onto even that by its fingertips as it is big jump from a 2013 (approximate) midi controll to a 2018 Prime and even Prime don’t give two overlap or/and transparent waveform in same screen.

But maybe it could happen to help beginners with beat matching to as a visual aid.

Hope Denon takes some of these requests into consideration for the follow up to the MCX8000.

A beat matching wave thing like Serato’s will be cool.


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Hope so 2…!