Disappointed with missing automatic fade in/fade out facility

It would be wrong of me to say I was not disappointed with the latest Engine Prime update.

The long awaited automatic fade in and simultaneous fade out facility when playing in continuous mode is still not implemented. This would be such a useful feature on the prime4 when using zone output to another room.

DJ Gray


Your not the only one… Check out this video at 5:30. Hopefully this requested feature will make it into v1.7.


Would be nice…I’ve been asking Denon to do this since the first version in 2017. Just like the DN-HD2500 from 2006!

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It’s least likely to come to Engine Prime, the computer software, which is where this topic has been started.

It would be nice if some sort of crossfade (last few seconds of one track still plays as first few seconds of next track begins). Nice but not essential. The DJs “miss” it far more than the public ever will.

But if it were added, and didn’t get confused by silent seconds of the tracks beginning and end, then yeah, that’d be nice

It’s in pretty much every DJ software, even the cheap $2.99 a month ipad ones. Major omission for standalone functionality in my opinion. But of course your whole ethos is to big up Denon and rubbish everyone who even dares to speak against them so I’m not surprised by your response one little bit.

Anyway this has been requested several times now with nothing done. When I first saw the Prime 4 had a separate booth out I automatically assumed this would come as standard. Silly me.