Direct cut for cross fader to scratch Update?

Is there an update coming up for a direct cut off for the cross fader pleeeez …electrical tape temporary fix (not cutting it lol) but this update along with mic EQ’s would literally make this thing a complete beast.


I second this!! This request needs more attention.


I agree as well. I would offer a solution I used on my x1800’s; “custom cut credit card spacers/reducers.”

I simply used an exacto knife and carefully and meticulously, custom cut out little rectangular pieces to further “tighten up” the crossfader curve for improved scratching. I then used superglue to install them underneath and out of sight on the x1800’s crossfader plate. Works extremely well as the credit card hard plastic is much better than electrical tape, etc.’

Would it be nice to actual have the option to tighten up the crossfader curve within the unit etc from Denon? Sure. In the meantime…


That seems like it works fanominal…tape does suck but I upgraded to reinforced fiberglass tape instead and it does the job pretty well…I wonder if a card would fit by the fader of the go …and I do find the fader on the x1800 super loose and loud from the metal on metal clicking from scratching and that would stop that instantly awesome

Nice white Soundboks grill. Did you paint it? I have 2 NSB. I use Akiko Pro transmitter to wireless connect to NSB.

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Eventually everyone who’s using the Prime Go for heavy scratch use is going to have cross fader problems. I don’t know what Denon’s customer service is like for repair/replacement work, but I spoke with Elliot over at Innofader and I can confirm that it works in the Prime Go.

All Denon needs to do now is tighten up the cutoff of the fader in the software. It’s really sharp now but you can tell that the fader contour is being managed by the software.


That’s interesting! If the innofader can work in the Prime Go, is there a method by which we can replace the stock crossfader? I would definitely consider doing that to up the scratch performance of the Prime Go.

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Wouldn’t something simpler than a GO be better for such uses.

We can all bang a nail into a block of wood with a smartphone, if we’re careful, but sometimes you just need an actual dull old lumpy hammer when things need to be hammered

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That’s fair, and I’m glad the Go is perfect for you as is! In my case, if I may I’d like to quote an old photography adage and say that the best camera is the one you have with you.

I certainly have turntables, media players, and controllers with better scratch performance than the GO. However, when I find myself in situations where the GO fits (very little load in space, no power outlets, insufficient power infrastructure, et cetera), it would be nice to have better scratch performance in that unit, so why not ask for it? :smile:

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There is the sc1000 scratch instrument that u can plug into the aux but it’s an extra piece …Go should be all in one and completely compact and portable and just like the numark pt01 turntable I want people to mod the hell out of the Go. I have dewalt batteries powering my Go so I can go as long as I want…hammer nail bla blah …I have 2 techs 2 sc3900’s 2 sc5000’s a Go an sc1000, getting a pair of sc6000m’s and 2 modded numark pt01’s .The are updates for reasons to always improve that’s why innofader’s are almost universal with most units. The point of all this is to improve and make these units the best all around they can be …and for me and most scratchers …the Go needs a direct cut badly .its a simple update and for battlers and even anyone who wants a direct cut on the fader…its gold

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You’ll need to disassemble the unit to access the main board where the fader is soldered in. It’s possible to do it yourself (I did) but if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, I’m sure there are electronics shops that can do it.


Agreed. I think the actual issues with this unit for scratching are that all of the faders have some range at the end of them that send no signal (try moving the pitch faders to the end of their range, they stop transmitting data). This might contribute to this lack of cut at the end of the cross fader. Also, slow manipulation of the jogs gives a stuttering sound unlink almost any modern software.

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I cut a plastic card placed it accordingly, then put reinforced fiberglass tape over the plastic , then black tape over all to match the black denon …and it works perfect .use the cut card as a bumper so I never really damage the crossfader by hitting the end of the denon fader …I have a precise cut works great . May not look 100% but does the job exactly how I need and can fully wait or do without if they never make this update

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What does this mean?