Dim the lights on the controller

Is there any way to dim the lights on the controller?

In a dark venue and I think I am going to see blue circles for hours after I am done spinning!

DJ Shiran

Read the manual, you can probably change lights around the jog to negative (just one light active). But dim all the lights - probably not possible.

At a human level … bring the ambient lighting level of your direct operating environment up - something like a 3 watt LED gooseneck lamp (mains powered not USB powered) shining across the midi controller at lappy, should help to avoid high contrasts.

The difficulties with putting dim lights on things is that when they’re used outside eg: beach/pool/block party, the DJ can’t see a thing

I have a super small PAR 20 - 50W can with an orange filter. Small G-clamp on it and tie it to whatever is around (if only my speaker stand). Aim at gear. It’s better than having those PAR 64 cannons blinding you and yet still gives you plenty of light to a) not be bothered by the gear lights (like Boothe said) and b) write down stuff, read labels and what have you.

Those lights are like 15 bucks including a lamp, so not gonna break the bank. Go to a rental company or DJ store for a small square of some kind of warm (red/orange) filter material. They usually have some laying around you can have for (next to) nothing.

Cheap way to try if this works for you. If not, makes a great birthday gift for a young nephew.

The tracking LED’s on the MC7000 jog-wheels can be switched from ‘fully on’, to ‘single chase’ LED by holding the shift key and pressing the deck number - see the tutorial video below.



Thank you!

would be great if someday you update a firmware and decrease the level of light of the controller, Cue Lights, the sorting buttons and the dim…lots of people complaining about it and commenting things like that the Club doesn’t need more lights all of the are in the controller, or what a toy and things like that…

There are four considerations here, at least.

  1. Not all bulb types can be dimmed.
  2. Some dimming systems could potentially inject noise/interference into the audio
  3. DJs at events in sunshine / outdoors or in environments with huge lighting rigs, in front of bright video walls etc need the brighter lighting
  4. Good ol’ personal preference.

And on point three above… those with dim controllers claiming “toy” compared to their own controllers would come a cropper if they tried to DJ at a daytime pool party.

For the mc 3000 there were two great traktor mapping one with minimal lighting and one with all buttons dimmed and when in use (loop, play) enlightened.

ok, so maybe is a more Mobile, Wedding, outdoor controller i.e. than SX2. It’s a pity because MC7000 sound quality is better than SX2.

The build quality, sound quality and feature set of the MC7000 it’s great in a lot of situations.

Few items at this level can be slotted into a single definition.