Digital static on phono/line at sample rate 96

Hello, I am new to using a digital mixer . I tried recording at sample rate 96, 24 bit with logic pro x. I am going usb from the x1800 into my macbook. I also set the mixer in utilities to 96. The recording came out great but now if i switch to line or phono i am hearing and seeing digital static in all 4 channels. I reset the mixer and at default theres no noise. The noise is only if i change back to sample rate 96. Does anyone know if im doing something wrong? Or how to fix this? Thank you

How are you hearing this noise? On future recordings or all outputs on the mixer (main & headphones)? How are you connecting the players to the mixer?

Its not happening anymore it stopped when i turned the unit back on later in the evening. The noise was coming through all the fader line and phono outputs 1-4 and main speakers. Was after recording via usb to laptop.

if it happens again i will post but seems it was a temporary issue