Digital in posts at back of mixer

Has anyone else had the gold post pull of with your digital cables? They push back in but I am getting a nasty feedback now. Has anyone else had this problem.

What kind of cables were you using? I’ve used an array of cables on my digital in’s and digital out taking the mixer to gigs without issue.

One of the issues I see with all equipment is people using a cable like Monster that has a super tight grip and damages their connectors.

I remember some Monoprice ones that were big thick nonflexible barrels and broke a very expensive piece of modified gear I have. The RCA connector should not be too tight or too thick of metal. If you have to struggle to plug it on or you get a sense it’s scratching the metal, don’t use it. One of the Monoprice cables in the set didn’t even have splits in the barrel!

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I used the cables supplied with the decks

Than it’s time for a RMA. Those cables dont have a lot of grabbing power at all.


What’s the average turn around time for equipment sent back to denon?

I think the answer you’re looking for is case sensitive and they (Denon Tech Support) would really be the best to give you an accurate response.