difference between potis

Hi all,

is it normal that the wet/dry knob in contrast to the other knobs and potis is a bit wobbly. This knob is not stiff as the other knobs. I hope you understand what i mean. It´s difficult to find the right words.

regards Adrian

All my knobs feel the same. I suggest you go back to a music store and try their demo unit and decide for your self.

My FX wet dry is “loose” in the sense it takes less torque to turn. Im fairly certain this is intentional. If it is wobbling side to side from lateral pressure that’s not good but if its just that the knob takes less finger strength to turn then that’s normal.

I´ve took some videos of the problems. You can find them on wetransfer:


Ok that looks unusual. Would get that checked/warranty fixed

If that was my mixer, I would take it back and change for another one. :wink: