Did I make a mistake?

Good day all just a quick question. I have just purchased a sc5000 setup with x1800, I’m still waiting for delivery. I however have been told that I am stupid and should have bought the newer prime 4. Apparently the prime has more features but I cannot see that as surely the software is similar. I would like to hear some feed back.

Rest assured you are not stupid.

Both have their own advantages and it depends a little on the use-case. For now, firmware-wise, Prime4 has some more options. However, most of that will come to the BigPrimes.

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I have the BigPrime as well and would not change it to the Prime 4. The only difference I see at the moment, is the internal recording-feature which is not possible on the SC5000s/ X18000. All other stuff that the Prime 4 has today, will also come to the SCs and X1800.

So no, not stupid!

Thanks Reese, i just thought the main prime system will give me the best of both worlds as it is more of the Pro line

And it is top pf the line. I own 4 decks and a mixer, and I really love this setup. Prime rocks!

It really depends on your goals, your type of gigging and such. While I LOVE the form factor and setup of 2 decks and a mixer, lugging it around in separate flight cases or even a coffin is just too much these days.

The Prime 4 offers most of that functionality plus the option to use the built-in drive. Add the 1-screen setup (like you are used to from a laptop) with the accompanying advantages (at least to some) and the choice for a mobile DJ like me who is essentially a one-man-show was easily made.

If I had a fixed location (be that my bed room or a venue), I think I would have preferred the big Primes.

For now I am stoked having the P4 and look forward to many trips on the road with it.


I think with the 3 part setup / you are a little bit more compact. The Prime4 allways need it´s space. But in function - the both systems arent such a big difference. If I have had some more money over - I also had buyed the 3 part setup of 2 SC5000 and a X1800 … but - it works now as it is :wink:

Definitely not Stupid, as the full 3 part setup is a pro setup and will get you more used to what you may experience in a club/festival environment. Sound quality and many other features on the mixer are supposed to be superior…Though I’ve never tried the mixer.

I’ve had the SC5000 and SC5000M(favorite), but now have the Denon PRIME 4 and love it minus Engine prime.

For my type of playing, the full 3 part setup is overkill and too flashy for my particular type of events.