Denon x1850 microphone

Hello, I encountered a problem on my mixer x1850, the microphone input is very sensitive, I have only a little sensitivity and the signal is very strong, the microphone starts buzzing, has anyone encountered this? I use a translator, so sorry if the sentences are not formulated correctly Microphone - Shure blx \ sm58

It could be the cable. Try another cable.

cable is good 100%, changed to another, buzzes not through the cable, but through the feedback, the microphone starts as soon as the volume control is raised very little

What happens when nothing is connected and You increase the volume of the microphone channel?

nothing, silence, everything is as it should be, the input signal indicator does not light up. firmware latest

So there must be a problem with microphone… did You checked with another mic?

Try going into the utility menu and start playing around with the mic settings. (Mic attenuation) :wink:

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You’re not feeding a line level output (from wireless box) into the mic channel, are you?

I’m using a Shure SM58 with my Prime 4 and the mic volume is almost all the way up.

it works, thank you very much!

I just wanted to add to this for troubleshooting purposes.

For mics you can use balanced and unbalanced cables. Balanced cables are for equipment with good preamps. Unbalanced cables are for everything else. Balanced/unbalanced Xlr cables look the same but perform differently.