Denon x1850 channel 3 gain issues

Hello, I’m having issues with my x1850 mixer in regards to channel 3 volume. If I play the same song on both channel 2 & 3 with the gains at 12:00, the volume is lower on channel 3. To test even further, I connected using serato internal mode and it was doing the same thing. Anybody else have this issue? I’ve only had this mixer for 5 months. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

What inputs do You use? Check the difference between phono/line… what is your music source? Did You tried different cables?

Do you have the latest update for the mixer?

The mixer has the latest firmware and I am currently using a pair of sc6000’s for my music source. I tried swapping cables, but no change. When I have the crossfader to the left on channel 2, the sound is good, but when switched to right side, it seems like it is lacking volume and depth.

A video with more details and sound could be very helpful. Lack of sound depth is interesting here… I would like to see clearly what is happening in that moment…

Are either of the channels you’re comparing assigned to the crossfader? If so, what’s the crossfader curve set to, and does moving the crossfader curve setting make any difference?

If you’re comparing by LED signal lights or by headphone human guessing of levels then the crossfader nor its curve should make any difference. But if you’re measuring by the output to speakers then the curve could be a factor.

There’s a lot of range behind the gain controls though so it’s not going to matter where the gain control is pointing, as long as you’re able to make A sound as loud as C etc

Make sure your cables are the same first. Then see how it works when you use other channels.

Can you re-up the firmware?

Are you connected to digital or RCA? As digital will have settings in the utility menu.

Here’s what I found in the manual:

  • Digital Settings:

o Digital Out: This is an offset to the volume level of the audio signal sent from the digital out: -20dB to +20dB.

  • Digital Link: Select On to sum the outgoing signal before the Master knob and Booth knob, which you can use to control their output level. Select Off to sum the outgoing signal after theMaster knob and Booth knob, which will have no effect on the output level.

  • Link Level: This is an offset to the volume level of the audio signal sent to the Digital Link In: -20dB to +20dB.

• Cross Fader Cut: These settings determine how far you must move the crossfader from each side (Fader Cut A or B) for it to start affecting the audio signal: -2.0mm to 1.0mm

Have you tied a factory reset? it can’t hurt. Also, try to isolate if the issue is with the line or the crossfader. Do you have the same result if you disable the crossfader and compare levels using the channel faders?

I have the crossfader assigned to channels 2 & 3 with the the cut in for scratch. Regardless if I disable the crossfader, and only use the up faders, the volume is noticeably different. In order to compensate, I have to turn my gain knob to the 1:00 position on channel 3 in order to match channel 2 at the 12:00 position. And this is for the same exact song.

got it so not a crossfader issue for sure. Try the factory reset and as I mentioned, if you are connected to digital input, check settings.

For such a small difference, if all the other controls on that channel are working, I wouldn’t look to do anything with it

I could never willingly DJ with gear I know is faulty. If something goes wrong during a live performance, you are just asking for it :expressionless:

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I absolutely agree! If something like this happens at home, what might happen at a live gig. I’m gonna put in a repair request. Hopefully they can fix the issue in a reasonable amount of time! Thanks!

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