Denon x1800 windows 10 bluescreen

everytime i hook my x1800 on my pc (windows 10 ) i get everytime a bluescreen!!! what can i do:(

Start by uninstalling any of the Denon drivers for the X1800, rebooting, reinstalling the latest drivers from, and reboot again. Also be sure to connect to your computer with the second USB port.

denonprimex1800.sys still got this!!

Delete all denon driver related files and reboot. Then install it fresh. If this does not work ok, then there is still some mess in system registry. Could be that windows does not handle the drivers correctly anymore, so would need a fresh system install. But first try other methods.

What you can do is read the information on the blue screen. That’s the first step to solving the problem.

Use the internet to research the information on the screen, then act on any solutions that are offered.

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nothing work like why???