Denon what you waiting for?

I have been using my sc5000 for more than a month now. I never used outside of my studio because of lack of functionality of this plate.

The sc5000 has a really big potential, so big that now this product seems more like a developemnt kit, a beta version, of what it could be.

JOG: the jog respond in a very strange way, when you are pitch-bending forward or backward, nothing that I could not manage, but for me really annoying. To explain better: if you push the jog forward and than you want to have the same effect going backward you have to move the jog more than 2 times backward comparing to what you didi going forward. I think Denon engineers deliberately conceived the deck working in this way but why we don’t have the possibility to customize this so particular sensitivity of the jog?

SEARCH CRITERIA (and rate on the fly…): this a very big issue, for me and maybe for people coming from TRAKOR or other software. (this is reason why I can’t use sc5000 to play in public). Search by: tag, year, gender, stars, etc. all this is missing on the plate (not on Engine Prime) and that’s not important till you have not to manage a library containing 6000 songs and to play maybe for 4/5 hours, and you can’t remember title and artist of all the song you have with you …

Denon copied so well the plate layout, why they didn’t copy the search and suggestion function for tracks available on Pioneer device too. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ?

MIXING ONE DECK: this function, in my idea suitable as best Bar setup available, that was very attractive for me when I bought SC5000, is not easy to use right now. In my opinion, the way all informations you need to manage this way to work, are not in the right place at the right moment on screen. For example: the BPM of both tracks should be always readable without changing layer or screen.

Or, when you change layer some element of the plate change color, and that’s a good thing, but is still a poor help to not make confusion; it would be cool for example using the screen on the center of jog to give more information or color or… I don’t know…

Let’s not forget also that, passing from a layer to the other, the pitch bend need some time to start working right on the new layer…grrr.

So I would say: this function DOUBLE LAYER is there, but it need a better usability.

WAVEFORM: the waveform is good to see it when it’s big on the screen, but when you look the representation of the whole song, it result not so clear showing drops peaks final part, and the general differences in the structure of the song.(this comparing to Traktor or Pioneer waveforms)

So me I changed my ride, Im still convinced that SC5000, is a good piece of hardware, but after spending my money (€ 3400!!!) I want solutions, I want performance, I want a solid update!!!

So DENON what you waiting for? Missing feature are a big issue …I m coming here, in the forum, every day searching for helpful news, update or solutions… but nothing happen, and there is no scheduled implementation or newer version of firmware… nothing !!!.. how much time DENON think it ’s possible to manage things in this way??

By my side I really don’t know how many days I will wait to sell all my stuff on eBay….please do something quickly!!

Changing ride is good and will be always an option.


the last update was… 2 weeks ago … ? people please, let denon a bit of time too, we are all human and i know we want everything asap… but come on…



The last two updates have been nothing short of HUGE. Just because those updates might not have included some minority* requests, doesn’t take away from the fact that they were still HUGE dates.

*minority … to every person who makes a request for a feature, it is, of course THE BEST AND THE NOST ESSENTIAL FEATURE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE but when thousands of different DJs all use a piece of gear differently…

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WORD. I have forwarded that issue to Denon DJ in january, but still nothing has happened. There is no other player on the market that has a jog response like this - for good reasons I believe!

To be fair to the OP above, a lot of these updates’ changes were to fix substantial existing deficiencies and new bugs like not being able to set cues prior to on-player analysis being done, the goofy hot cue behavior, or the most recent firmware installation failures. All that and the inability to Link full databases on large drives really should never have made it to release. IMO the SC5000 release should have been delayed until those and other things were resolved. That’s water under the bridge now, though, as obviously they’re out and released.

As for the jog bend sensitivity being asymmetrical and not adjustable in either direction, Gemini I believe very briefly had this when I first bought a pair. The Gemini MDJ jog bend is now symmetrical and adjustable. It’s a beautiful thing! I favor independent forward and rear adjustments for the SC5000 so that whatever superstar DJs or crazies like the asymmetrical bend can tune it that way.

I could swear that at times I feel the bend on the SC5000 is a little laggy or something compared to the Gemini, which is saying a lot because as we’ve gotten the MDJ more stable its lag and latency of performance has noticeably & provably increased with more buffering or something… yet, the Gemini’s jog bend in particular feels more natural, responsive, and less laggy than the Denon, not to mention the other aspects of it that are superior now. Perhaps that’s just the aymmetric Denon sensitivity when you go from bend forward to bend back, but sometimes it seems almost like it’s not bending until you’ve jog bended for a split second long enough, almost like a temporal deadzone compared to Pioneer’s awful velocity deadzone. I could be mistaken, though.

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You CDJ people really need to start reading manuals when you buy expensive equipment and go complain online. Grrr

PS Strange jog bend behaviour has been noticed before by users, you are valid about that.

I am probably the only person in the world that prefers this jog bend. It’s not too far off from how I set jog bend when mapping controllers. Coming from vinyl, im used to a higher sensitivity when nudging the record faster as compared to touching the platter or spindle to nudge the record slower. This is one of the features I really love about the SC5000.

For layer visibility, I rely on the album art to really tell the difference. I would recommend using mp3tag to add album art to any files you have that did not come with album art attached when you purchased them.

Rating on the fly would be an amazing add. A beyond amazing addition. I imagine it will be implemented eventually.

Searching is a pain in the ass. I would be happy if the search function at least kept you in the same crate or playlist. At this time, the search function is pretty useless.

You’re not the only one. I found myself right at home nudging the platter. A friend of mine also.

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I’m only half reading this as I use the pitch bend buttons rather than the big circling thing… But I appreciate that everyone’s different.

I use the jog wheel for cueing a track and I find that it’s easier to push my hand (and the platter) away from me, and more awkward to pull my hand and the platter toward me. Does the platter have it’s different ratios of forward vs backward movement to counteract that human ability/handicap ?

No one else notices any slight lag or latency between jog bend inputs currently and outcomes?

Interesting how two of you prefer the jog bend this way, and one of those two actually thinks it’s more like vinyl. With vinyl, I’ve always found it takes less effort and hand motion to slow a record down with friction than it does to speed it up when it’s alreadly playing, which is exactly the opposite of the amount of effort the SC5000 jog bend requires. And this isn’t even getting into the SC5000 jog mass differences compared to a slipmat and record that others have commented on elsewhere. Like I said, I think having both directions adjustable is probably best to satisfy everyone, with, say, the current default setting being 2 out of 5 rearward and 4 out of 5 forward, or something like that. However, currently there is no other model in the world I’m aware using asymmetrical jog bend.

While I am not against a setting, to me, it’s all about getting used to. And I got used to the platter bend very fast. Asymmetrical or not.

Playing for years on an SL and then switching to a higher torque turntable brand had that same effect. Driving another car (throttle and break). Using another computer mouse etc.

You probably are switching between to many different brands and devices… :grimacing:

The jog bend (to my mind) in general is a bit too sensitive. I could of course get used to it but it feels counter-intuitive as every other device on the market does it the same way (that is different from Denon DJ). I’d compare it to the way their cueing system worked back in the day. It worked, but it made the switch from other players harder, which is unnecessary if Denon DJ aims to become a new standard.

Pair that different nudging feel to a unit that has the grinding jog (2 out of 3 of my players had that!) and no Pioneer guy is gonna consider the player an alternative.

I strongly support the option to have individual settings to user preferences - but there should at least be an option to make it feel “standard” :sunglasses:

I think that’s what it is. I don’t expect I will get used to this particular asymmetrical jog bend when it feels kinda opposite to me of vinyl and differs so significantly from Pioneer, Gemini, and Hanpins.

Pioneers are what I choose to bring out to special events due to their sound quality (and fact people ask for them when others will also play on them) and what I find in venues currently when I get gigs. Hanpins are what I keep at my sort of residency because they’re cheap to begin with (I have 12), do the job reliably, are durable, and cheap to repair when necessary. I don’t freak out having a bunch of drunk DJs around 3 or 4 of them and am not having nightmares about them being sabotaged (meth heads with super glue and pliers) or stolen when I leave them at a place. Geminis are what I currently most enjoy for mixing on at home when I’m not using moving platter players or TTs to practice vinyl or a computer.

Maybe I could get used to the SC5000 jog bend as it currently is if I only ever use these new Denons from now on and I give them enough time. However, I can pretty quickly get used to any symmetrical jog bend, though, of any sensitivity, rate-based or time-based, even if it was a fixed, non-adjustable sensitivity. I believe the latter because I can move from Pioneer, Gemini, and Hanpin one day to a next and adapt back to them. Like within an half hour or so I feel at home with them… well, as at home as I’ll ever feel with the Pioneer jog bend deadzone robbing me of analog-like nuance to the bend inputs and requiring forethought of sufficient velocity :slight_smile: The Hanpins and Geminis I’m able to feel very intuitive with, though, after a brief adaptation period in the beginning of the switch.