Denon Vl12 vs reloop 8000

Read today that reloop releases a new turntable (heading for serato) with built in midi controls for hot cues, loops etc. While I prefer oldschool style when playing with vinyl this could be a interesting next gen turntable.

Isn’t the 8000 a few years old? Do you have a source for that?

Sorry it’s called reloop 8000 straight.

Been around since 2014 I think

Sorry my fault. But interesting is it the only turntable with Midi functions ? Never seen that before, maybe I’m getting old.

I’d wait for the first reviews on the VL12. Better have a (hopefully) really good turntable with a separate midi controller like the KX1 MK2 than an ok super OEM turntable with integrated controls.

indeed. separate is always better.

True vinyl turntables are really more like a precision surgeons tool than some of today’s “bash a box of buttons” joysticks and midi add-on/sub controllers.

It worries me that anyone would even consider putting controls to be bashed, on an instrument that’s trying to actually track an almost microscopically detailed groove with a micron width stylus, balancing between the weight of the stylus, cartridge and headshell, versus the counterweight.

Even on the old Technics, you could make the stylus skip a groove by hammering the start/stop button