Denon VL12 Prime TCV Callibration Error in Traktor Pro 3



I have recently upgrade from Traktor Pro 2 to Traktor Pro 3 just to use Time Code Vinyl. Native Instruments confirmed that TP3 should work with my Denon MC6000 MK1 by Native Instruments

So I’ve been connecting and doing the setup following official guide:

But I constantly get Calibration errors with different messages

I’ve connected my setup as it follows: VL 12 output to Denon MC6000 MK1 Phono input

Channel selector in Denon MC6000:

Proper settings applied in Traktor Pro 3:

I can get a good signal though, but I cannot use relative mode and all the problems related to not having good calibration.

I’ve tried the following with no luck:

  • Install latest Denon MC6000 drivers
  • Install latest Denon MC6000 firmware
  • Reinstall Traktor Pro 3
  • Calibrate Cartridge weight, height and anti-skating
  • Clean needle and disk many times

What am I doing wrong? What is happening here? Is anybody else having same issues with VL12 + TCV?

Thank you!


  1. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro i7 8th gen 16gb Ram 256SSD Win 10 64 bits
  2. Denon MC6000 MK1
  3. Denon VL 12 Prime + Ortofon OM Pro S
  4. Traktor Pro 3 with Traktor TCV MK2