Denon VL12 Prime distributor in South America?

Hello friends Yesterday I spoke with my distributor of sc5000 prime in chile and he told me that it is impossible to get VL12 prime. When requested, there is no availability for South America. and there is much preference for Amazon and other virtual stores. I hope you can solve this situation. It is necessary to have the product on display to prove it! It is the way to know if it is what you need. as advice! In Chile there is no variety, only one store has a monopoly with reloop and pioneer. and a couple more stores try to balance with some teams of denon and numark. The rest of virtual stores only on request. Where the prices are exorbitant. I await the arrival of more denon prime and rane to established stores. To be able to see, touch and taste the products. It is exhausting to read and watch videos to know if it is possible to obtain the product you want!

Hi @DjCarlosCea - I have passed this on to the relevant sales teams.

Regards J

Hi @DjCarlosCea, I have passed on your contact to the South American dealers who will be in contact direct.

Regards J

Thank you I’ll wait attentively