Denon USB DRIVER Download.

Greeting DJ family, Im new to the DJ world and new to the Denon family. My question is where can i get the Denon USB driver download. A fellow DJ when he goes in to his settings in Serato DJ> Audio>the USB buffer for Denon in there. In mine i just have the little slide bar with USB BUFFER SIZE ( Latency). The reason for my inquiry, is when I record my sets ( i have a MC7000- MacBook Pro 2012 Sierra 10.12.7 with Serato DJ pro 2.0) my recording when played back are noticeably lower. Ive attempted to adjust all levels during recording accordingly. But the end results are just low. Not terrible but just lower.

Thank you for any help in advance.

Drivers are on the product webpage. You have a mac so you don’t need usb drivers. And usb buffer doesn’t have any effect on recording volume in software.

thank you for the info