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Since Covid-19 hit the world and we all had to retreat into lockdown, Twitch has been awesome for music streaming and not just for big-name DJ’s.

The most interesting stuff I’ve found is digging down and finding all kinds of talented DJ’s (often with almost no viewers or following) with all kinds of diverse music to discover. e.g. Previously I hadn’t heard any afro-house (my loss I know, I’m slow on the uptake: But hey, it turns out it’s great).

Have you found new stuff on there? Are you streaming on your Prime gear? What’s your stream?


Yeah, since covid-19 many things are changed,… For myself: I Stream for many years (think 15) on an Broadcast Radio, but think about to stream on Twitch too… Just need a Webcam, hmm… Looking out for a Logitech 930, hope this will enough for it :thinking:

So mine Genres are: Downtempo, Afrohouse, Deep-/Tech-/Progressive House and Melodic Techno :wink:

But if i Twitch ready, i can follow this Thread :ok_hand: Cos of my Genres i would be happy to find some other that would listen to this :wink:

Best regaeds,


Webcams are in high demand but Logi recently had them back in stock. There’s an app for phones called NDI camera lets you use your smartphone as a source straight into OBS for streaming. That might do as a stop-gap if you have trouble sourcing a camera.

I’m thinking about setting up a live stream in twitch 1.5 hrs every other week. I have a lot of ideas for the stage setup. Maybe in a month’s time.

Sounds interesting, what did you have in mind for the setup?

Too good to tell ya :smirk:

I need to get the Blackmagic ATEM mini pro. Should have it in a few days.

I stream as well my sets. Let’s connect :wink:

We are online right now:




There’s one called True Visage on the iPhone that removes all borders, so it is literally the feed (and it’s free)

hmmm… i dont think about to make a visual setup or something, i want to make it as “clear/raw” as possible… its enough for me e.g. like a sight, chilled ambient lights of course, not more… primary i go on with twitch just for music/sound, not for a cinema show behind me :slight_smile: but i will let you know when iam ready or test the stream, and we can make a connection together too in any way, wasnt a great idea?

best regards, Roland

Well why don’t we discuss set up for live streaming?

Won’t be up and going until a month after the new iPad a14 is released. I have the cameras and soon the switcher and I have enough material to spread out so to speak and the facility so why not give it a try?

I think this would be a good way to show your Denon setup and skills.

The live streaming game is replacing the club for now and when people play they play with what they want to use.

I watched a live stream for 5 min from Dj Sharam (good dj btw) and I didn’t see any pioneer decks but a lot of serato face :laughing: . So that means the club standard can keep it’s club standard for non existing clubs and I and everybody else can keep their own standards :wink:. We all can have a worldwide audience bigger than a club, watching you and what you use. Amen

Someone like Mojaxx (who likes his Denon’s) has a pretty complex streaming setup an a format which is very like a radio show - talking on the mic, introducing new tracks etc… It’s a good show by the way - check it out if you haven’t seen it.

I’ve been experimenting with a format, but my principle is keep it simple. Simple visuals, clear sound, no speech over the music. I’m just using a 10 year old Mac as the OBS computer, so the streaming component is “standalone” and I can switch scenes from a wireless keyboard. 2 webcams, audio interface, OBS, job done. There’s a lot of people out there doing marathon multi-hour sets which is very cool, but again, for me, I’m sticking to about an hour a time because I don’t have too much time available for it and I’m just jamming late at night and trying out some sets or sections of sets, which is a lot of fun. I figure, if I’m doing it anyway, click “Go Live” while I’m here. Streaming dance music is still a grey area, so my videos don’t stay up long before I wipe them.


I like how you did your show man big up!

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Just skimmed through your organic house set and can’t wait to check it out in full tomorrow. sounds :fire:

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Streams where the tune playing are reported or tweeted live are pretty good. I’ve seen this done with Recordbox and Tractor. Anyone know how if there might be a way to do this with Engine?

I started twitch couple months back using my SC5000s and x1800. After few bumps in the road it works like a charm :slight_smile: connected directly from mixer to PC and OBS :wink:

now I am trying to figure out how to get the track ID to OBS for Now Playing information :slight_smile: Would be awesome if Denon did an update where this is possible since now we are all streaming :wink:

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@ReOrderDJ I’ve really enjoyed your live streams over lockdown :+1:

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thanks man, still going strong on twitch :wink:

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What do you guys think of Mixcloud live?

I don’t think I I’ll be spending more than 20min at a time live-streaming. I will probably only do one 1hr mix.

I’m gonna start with making 10min YouTube videos. The only video that I ever made so far scored 40k hits. Time to build on that.

Hopefully I’ll join you guys on twitch at the end of the year.

TBH never used Mixcloud. I’m sure it’s technically fine. Others may have experience.

40k hits on YT? Well done, that’s good going! I used to post material under a different name on to a YT channel and got into 5 digits, but the algorithm is brutal. I don’t really have the patience for YT, feels too much like actually working for Google.