Denon, The FUTURE of Professional DJ Performance, TODAY!

Ey everyone.

I just wanted to share with you, as a Denon fan, a video that a famous Spanish YouTuber and DJ recorded showing a robot DJing with a Prime 4.

I prepared instructions for a robot programmer on what the robot should do to mix songs during a Company Event. Of course I pushed to use a Denon Prime instead of Pioneer and the result was very interesting.

In the video we discuss the posible real use of robots in DJing and I explain that the robot always needs a human DJ next to it because the robot doesn’t feel the music, a human DJ should prepare a bit or a lot the set before, and it could be use as an extra element for entertainment, like when DMX lights, fireworks etc are used.

Technology opens doors to new possibilities if we get to know, learn and profit from it.

What do you think. How would you use robots, drones or other technologies to enriching your sets? How do you see the future of professional DJ Performance? Of course the basic and more important skills for DJs should be in place for the DJ. TOP DJs aren’t what they are because of their lightshows. It’s an extra.

Personally I love that this video is having so much repercussion. I’m tired of videos of Pioneer gear everywhere when they are innovating ZERO :pensive: Denon should take it’s place!

Regards everyone! Ey @Chloe_DENONDJ hope you like it!!

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That’s a lot of effort for one chat-up line. Especially as Chloe hasn’t posted online here for since March 27th last year.

Really? I have chatted with her recently :thinking:

Anyway, that’s not the topic. What do you think @DJ_Sontag? How do you see the future of DJing?

I would hope that future DJing will feature more interaction between the crowd and the dj, using apps on phones

The days of the DJ turning up and simply playing their exact 2 hour 11 minute preset playlist should go - the more quick , the better

Wirh big hard drives there’s nothing to stop DJs brings their all collection. Having the audience interact with genre requests, buttons for “more tunes like this one” and “less tunes like this one” , faster bpms please, slower BPMs please could all show on a scoreboard in the booth and on public display.

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Big hard drives and Cloud Services like Tidal and Beatport! Yeah :sunglasses:

Isn’t there an app to allow you to request songs to the DJ without the need of getting into the booth? That would be great. To have a screen with requests and votes. Of course you cannot please everyone or it would be a Frankenstein set, but an organised feedback could be fine.

That’s why I avoided mentioning any option for requests for specific artist:songs - only “genre” or “more like this” “faster” etc

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Finally, DJ-ing from home for a live gig is becoming a reality. Just watch on your iPad to see what the robot sees, then give it the necessary instructions verbally (we DO need a different name than SIRI, anyone?) and watch the results.

And best of all, no hearing damage, no requests.

This would be more likely to lead to the end of DJing. Rather than the future of…

With no requests, the venue might as well just have one live DJ streaming to all their 100 venues - that’s 99 DJs out of a job that night.

99 DJs getting less work = less DJ wages earnt = less new DJ gear being bought.

This is the lose:lose version of win:win

We used to have two fashion clothes shop chain franchises in Turkey, Top man for the males and Top shop for the girls. These stores would have “Radio Top man/top shop” playing from CD over the store speakers. New CD every week, but same in every store

Also if the DJ is too lazy to leave the house then they need a name different from “DJ” , Sofa Jockey ?

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Working DJs do more than just play music and field requests.

example - I play at a sports bar, if there is a late game and I think the current clients are a bit rowdy, I manage my set to keep them chilled or even have them go to another venue, without actually saying anything.

If the bar is not getting much patronage I switch up to encourage sales etc.

If there is a Latin or Hip Hop heavy crowd set switches to reflect that

That’s just one example.

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