Denon Support no Repply


It’s been almost 72h since I opened a warranty claim and still no response.

The thing is my MC7000 is giving somem problems.

Deck 4 isn’t working. When I push the 4 button, lights are gone, no software recognizes it. For example Serato shows “Throught” by deck 4 platter. Is a hardware problema because without any usb connected, I swich on the controller light up like allways, but if I push “4” button, lights go.

I hope some administrator can help me contacting support guys, like I saw in another post.



Thank you for contacting us!

Someone from our UK/EU team should be contacting you shortly, but because this is potentially a hardware failure, you will need to coordinate service with your local distributor. I would recommend contacting your local dealer and they should be able to point you in the right direction.



Thank you very much, they already contacted me.

As you say they told me to contact my dealer(web store) and manage warranty with them.

Everything is going well, I am now waiting for the shipment details to send the controller. I hope everything is done before christmas so I can use the controller to mix with my Friends.

Thanks again.

Kind regards.

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