Denon Support No Reply!

Struggling to get a reply via Denon Support. Are they unusually busy? Normally they get straight back to us but I’m about to open a ticket for the 3rd time.

Any info please?

If it’s mission critical …I will get on the phone.

What is the issue you’re having? I’m based in the UK office So I can speak to them now for you.

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My MC7000 only came with the euro pins for the powerpack. DV247 did supply an alternative adaptor in the outer packaging but this makes it clunky in the booth and doesn’t fit tightly. It adapts the euro pins instead of clipping to the power pack inreplace of the europins. I did open a ticket voicing my concerns about it coming loose over time and Denon promised to send me out the correct one once more came in stock, about April time. Nothing has arrived and I’m starting to get the issues I feared. I’ve opened 2 new tickets recently and no reply.

I’ve also broken the support for the Cue switch and was asking about my options. Sending the unit back under warranty isn’t really an option. The switch works fine for now but once the tact switch underneath has warn in a bit, the weight will likely give me false triggers. This would be an easy fix for me if they can send out the parts.

Thank you.

Oh a new powerpack shouldn’t be an issues, I’ll see if we’ve got some in the warehouse.

We can send out parts, however once you do this yourself, it will no longer be covered under warranty, so the choice is yours.

If you can send me your contact details I’ll get someone in Support to contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you


I understand about the warranty, It runs out the end of January. By the time I’d get round to fixing it, it would be closer to that time. I’m trying to avoid using the Cue button for now and using the pads instead. I’ll have to do something about it at some point. It’s the one on the right deck.

Thank you.

Talking to the guys now for you :slight_smile:


All sorted now by the good people at Denon. Thank you.


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