Denon Sc6000 Fast forwarding the track with a loop

I bought a denon sc6000 today. convinced that he combines the best of Traktor (loops, preview etc) with pioneer openers. I am disappointed with one fairly fundamental feature for me. I was sure that by holding the Shift key and turning the loop knob, I would be able to move the track by a given value forward while listening to the selected part of the track (this is the case with a tractor). Here, however, the loop travels forward as it should, but without rewinding the track itself and, therefore, the actual listening of the loop at a given moment. the polrst goes somewhere behind the screen and we basically set it up just by looking at the bottom plot of the long path. i.e. blindly without auditioning. Feature totally broken and not useful. How can you blindly set loops later in the piece? Amazingly backwards it works as it should, but not forward. I don’t know something? did Denon combine this function? :frowning:

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