DENON SC5000 without screen on virtualdj

Hello everyone, I have a question. Why doesn’t the screen work on my sc5000 with virtual dj infinity? everything works except the screen that says pc mode. I’m skuck with that, I just want to see it work 100% with my sc5000. I use virtualdj with my sc3900 they work amazing in internal mode. i have vdj pro license, mac mid 2012 high sierra. How do I activate the screens? Regards.

This is something you should be posting on the VDJ forum.

Are you running the latest build of VDJ? Is the Mac able to access the internet when you start VDJ?

Have you confirmed that there’s an SC5000 skin in the VDJ skins directory?

Yes, the latest version with internet conceded. I’ll go to the virtualdj forum too.

The best person to contact directly about this (if you need to) is djdad.

Hello friends! Despite being a serato user, I wanted to try virtual dj with my sc5000 and high sierra! and?? it didn’t work … it only showed basic functions without a screen! I then tried Mojave and walked well, but for optimal performance I recommend migrating to Catalina. which brought me more and better stability in serato! After testing vdj for 15 min and seeing how it practically tells you what to do and what buttons to press … I like it even more serato hahahahaha