Denon SC5000 Prime Repair

Just want to say what fantastic service I received from InMusic when I returned a SC5000 after beer damage at a recent gig. Had the unit repaired and returned out of warranty super quick. Excellent sevice, well impressed :+1:


We are glad to hear about your awesome customer support experience, @DJCHATTY!

@DJCHATTY, could you give us a little insignt into how you went about your repair job? Such as did you call, email, etc?
Say one of the forum members need to start a repair job in the future, how would you reccomend us getting in touch with the denon team?

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Hi, I phoned my nearest service centre which I found via the webiste, explained the issue and arranged booking it in for repair. They gave me an NRN repair number and thats basically it. I dropped off the unit as it was an out of warranty repair but was couriered back to me at cost. Very straight forward :+1:

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Hi @DJCHATTY - greta to hear!

For those wishing to find support please go to:

Regards J