Denon SC5000 home users - Music on NAS


I hope and believe that a lot of the DenonDJ Users are not always onsite DJ’s but also people like me. Lovers of music and music equipment.

So I have in my living room 2x SL1200MK2’s and of course on the left side …a DENON SC5000 set. This set will never be used outside. …It will stay in my house & I will play with those devices while most people of my age are watching television.

My question: Is there a way to use a NAS (Synology) as a lib for my players ? This way “home-users” can use those devices in a more flexible way …without copying to stick’s and standalone SSD drives.

Maybe a feature for a next firmware upgrade ? Or a software between the player/mixer and a PC ? …If so ; probably Denon Dev team is working in agile and sprints… Any idea when this will become available ? …Or is there already something that can help me here, do I have to invest in a hifi media player ?

Many thanks to bring this more clear.

Kind regards, Pieter


This would be a nice feature, no reason why the hardware couldnt access SMB or NFS shares.


There was a feature request followed by many pople about linking the players directly with Engine Prime data base that is on the computer. This will come for sure, as Denon will not stay behind whith such a feature. When? I don’t know yet.


No-one official has confirmed that , so you could be giving false hopes there. Both ideas seem to be people trying to avoid having more than one hard drive of music, which isn’t best practice. Although a NAS could be raid protected for sure

My collection has outgrew my local storage and besides it is not as secure as my NAS. With out being able to read the NAS this controller is useless. I can move stuff to my local drive but there is not enough room and it seems like if I need to move it to the nas or I move things around there is not quick way to remap. please make a mapped drive work or be able to read of the network for now I have no way to get music onto it so I may as well return the prime 4.

Are you just going to paste the same comment in multiple stories? I’ve tried plugging in a 5tb drive into my prime and it reads it. And there’s still several Other usb sockets left for other 5tb drives. You wouldn’t have to leave any tracks at home, or “return” anyhrhing (although I appreciate your bluffing attempt at guilt-tripping denon into adding NAS support :slight_smile:

Is there any news on this FR? I’ve got my music collection on my PC and it would be much more efficient to maintain a single centralized collection. I was looking to this as an upgrade from my Traktor+controller setup, but for a streaming/bedroom DJ I feel a controller is just less hassle.

This must be on the way for SC5000/6000 by now? It’s two years since the first post here went down and I believe the requests have been doing on for a lot longer. Any news from anyone on the inside?