Denon sc 5000 platters how they respond?

I heard in interview that the platters responds weird : sometimes they are very sensitive and sometimes a little to late

any 1 have this experienced ?

Mine are very sensitive , always constant , it is a joy to use them , in the beginning i had to get used to them , they are quite heavy and when in the lightest resistance they gain a lot of momentum when nudging a bit to strong , nothing you can’t get used to Overall no problems whatsoever👍

Mines had a low response but dummy me had the plastic cover on it. But is has a good responds. It’s kind of sensitive but nothing you can’t get use to

My ones are very sensitive. No Problems.

With “slip-mode on” they respond so well, that you can create gated-effects with your fingertips. :slight_smile:

mines don’t even need to be touched hover your hand about 1 inch from them stops the music is this normal ? happens when I strech over to select a song.

That happens when you have excessive static electricity/current in your body so the touch capacitive jogwheels (that work by detecting touch from body current on your fingertips) pick that up. Often the problem is the grounding in the electrical grid of your house.

You can try testing by placing one hand on something grounded (metal chassis of the mixer?) and hovering the other hand over the jogwheel.


I just got two in Saturday. One platter responds awesome but the other you have to push down kind of hard. Once you push it a few times it learns. It’s kind of a pain. I do have the plastic still on the jogs but the one is responding fine so maybe I’ll try and take the cover off the other one to see if it’s a problem. I wish they would have a setting in the player to increase or decrease sensitivity of the jog just like on my mcx8000



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Take the plastic off the jog wheels. I’m amazed the touch is working at all on either consistently for you with it left on.

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Ok I sure will. I own a business so I’m on the road until tomorrow evening but as soon as I get in I’m gonna try it. When I get something new i try to leave the plastic on a while lol. I guess in this case it was a bad thing. Thanks for the reply

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I agree with you in total.

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Took the plastic off and they work perfectly. I appreciate the advice.