Denon Primo Go in clubs? Your thoughts

So that new Prime Go is quite amazing and actually answers all my needs…

Now the question is, how would you react seeing a Dj come up with his Prime Go in a professional club?

Don’t get me wrong, I have never been ashamed of any gear I played with. Played for the last 20 years with pretty much everything in clubs. I am not a newbie. So if it does what I need, I have nothing to prove.

… but I have to say this one is so small, so cute, such a toy… that it’s the first time i’m thinking it might look ridiculous to play with it in a professional context.

Of course the prime 2 or 4 would “look” more serious… But I don’t like FX all that much and Go doesn’t lack anything I want…

Curious to know what you guys think?

I don’t mind what You use, as long as Your performance is great. Gear is not the skill!

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I know, I agree, it just seems pushing things too far in terms of how it looks…

Even the reviewers are going it’s great for the plane, a boat, a wedding… but no one seems to commit if it looks serious enough for clubs ha ha

I seen in a 3000 people club a guy with 2 channel reloop controller and a macbook air. Looked silly, but the guy killed it on this small system, that fitted his backpack. No one even complained.

Same way I react when I see people bring a DDJ-SX or any other controller and plug it into a nxs mixer instead of using the supplied nxs players. I don’t give a shat.

I’ve played in clubs with Pioneer setups. Just dismantled them and put the MCX8000 in place and nobody noticed or said anything. Sounded amazing too.

I guess some venues are picky and you have to use their gear but I’ve found this to be the minority.

Ultimately it depends on the sound card in the controller. I have seen someone use the SB2 in a club and it sounded terrible.

I tried covering a friend’s gig last year with a Nexus setup and Serato and it was truly horrible. Sorry.