Denon Prime4 Mixing Lessons

Hi Guys

I am looking to give my 17 year old daughter the opportunity of mixing lessons.

She at present lacks an element of confidence and suffers with anxiety and I feel with this as a distraction and something for her to focus on.

I am a mixing DJ of 20 years (retired 15 years) however my skill set was purely Technics 1210s and basic Denon CD later in my career.

I have just invested in a Denon Prime 4 set up and would appreciate if you could advise on who we best approach to get us up and running with lessons predominantly based on the Engine Prime set up and Prime 4 controller. We are UK based in the South of England

Thanks in advance you advise would be appreciated. Vic

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Whilst I’m not a great teacher, I was contacted last summer to tutor some youths in the community center

My planned syllabus and approach

  1. Knowing the basic equipment ie connecting stuff up, basic troubleshooting, buttons, faders, tempo slider, gain management etc

  2. Since we are in the era of digital, how to download and put files in the right spots for easy use by whatever software

  3. Understanding the software, what it does, library management

  4. Basic music structure, counting beats, bars and phrasing

  5. Beat matching basics, initially without eqing then as the kids advance eqing can be introduced

Maybe @Reticuli can chip in. Think he tutors.

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Hey mate. My names is Terry, I own and run On The Rise DJ Academy. I am currently offering lessons on Engine Prime and the Prime 4. We are based in Wembley, right next to the stadium. Here is our site

We teach people of all ages from 5 to 70 (our youngest and oldest students) I am fully DBS checked to work with young people and work 1on1 and in groups with young people from all walks of life including NEET, young offenders and vulnerable young people.

I would be happy to talk more about our lessons and how we can help your daughter.

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Have a look at the new Digital DJ Tips Online course with Laidback Luke, im enjoying it so far:

Hi Terry

Thanks for getting back to me. I will put this to Grace and come back to you,

What days and times are the courses and costs. Also would you be Ok if I sat in with her on the course?

Thanks Vic

Hey Vic, You are welcome to sit in with her.

Drop me an email when you’re ready on and i’ll discuss hours and prices with you. But we are open 10am-10pm on week days and 10am-6pm on weekends, and all prices are on the website mate! :slight_smile:

Hi J How is the LLL course going?

Its really good so far not had enough time to really get stuck in though as August is usually manic.