Denon Prime Series i love you

I have been using SC500 in the last 2 months…at the start I was very critic…but day after day, little by little, I felt completely in love with my Denon gear…the sense of profound beauty that arouses me this hardware is something difficult to explain but now, when I look pioneer gear, they seem to me ungrateful old and not smart to use comparing to our sc5000. (loop, cue etc). Now I have the X1800 too, and with the plates it’s just a perfect combination.

I am still fighting against an odd jogwheel, an improvable search function (please DENON add search by comment and rate on the fly), but now i am very happy to be in this “Prime” platform.

Maybe just to push Denon “to do it quick”, sometimes in this forum the risk is to let the “bad things” become more important that the good ones.

So let’s enjoy this DENON PRIME SERIES …most underestimated hardware of all time!!!


I well agree with you on the “don’t rush them” bit of your comment. The last big update hadn’t even been out for half a day before someone pushed them to get new features added to the next update “now!” Charming.

I’m not a fan thou on the 5 stars rating system either on the players or in Engine. Not enough variation between the scores. If someone’s got 50,000 tunes, that’s just gonna mean about 10,000 tunes to search for under whichever star score count you search for. So you’ll still end up with 10000 tunes to scroll through

Thank you for your great feedback :slight_smile:

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