Denon Prime Go

The Denon Prime Go is really a great compact professional player. The problem is that i cannot use it a professional performance at the moment. There are a couple issues.

The known issue that deck 2 freezes intermittently. I have to restart the device.

The second issue: When turning the sweep FX knobs quickly with use with filter there is bad audio quality noticeable! Like a very cheap filter sound: clicking/popping really annoying sounds. Are there more people who experienced this issue? I also noticed it happens with the master volume knob when I had to quickly turn the volume to zero.

Not had the deck freeze as I am still on 1.4 and I’m not upgrading till this is confirmed fixed in 1.6.

The volume on most of the fx is way too loud so I just don’t even touch them.

Shocking really that the unit was released with this obvious problem.

Deck freeze is a known issue and will hopefully be addressed in the next update. When who knows, hopefully soon.