Denon Prime Go

hi good people… ive just purchased the prime go… can anyone tell me how to set my bpm?

Just run all your music through engine prime on a pc or Mac before using on the player

Read the manual


Hi @CountrywideDJ

What do you mean by set my bpm? Your music library should be analyzed by the Engine Prime software on a computer first and then you can review the results (bpm, beat grid etc.) and if you find any errors, you can adjust them there on the computer. Non of the Prime players have the capability of altering the bpm from the players (outside of x2 and /2 I think). So while the players are capable of analyzing your music, there really is a benefit to using the Prime software to analyze your library before playing on the hardware.

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You can not manually set bpm on the prime go at this moment but perhaps in the near future. For now you will need your computer to analyze and set bpm for your tracks. Hope this helps.

Use your ears and the pitch fader.