Denon Prime Go warranty claims without purchase receipt

Hello Denon DJ Forum,

I tried to reach someone from the German hotline but noone answered after beeing relayed.

I recently bought a used Prime Go. The seller bought it three months ago and sent me a delivery receipt in the original package where the serial number, the shop and the delivery date is noted. He did not sent me a purchase receipt because he bought it with a “Mietkauf” option and pays it monthly now.

Even when I trust in Denon quality, I may still need the warranty in the next two years if the device decides to break down. I registered the devices. Is the delivery receipt enought as a proof for a theoretical warranty claim? As the seller says that he has not received any purchase receipt, can he write me one personally where he notes the serial number and purchase date?

I really want to keep the devices as I am doing everything already mobile and battery powered with Pioneer gear ( Can we make a specific arrangement for me that we take a note that the delivery receipt is enough for a future warrany claim please? The other option is sending it back to the seller and hoping that he sends me back my money. Still I want to really give the Prime Go a chance without having this high risk in case something breaks.

I hope you people can help me. Have a nice week!

Best regards,