Denon prime 4 left jog wheel issues

Hi hello ive a problem with my prime 4 left fog wheel,i just purchased it and upon inboxing and testing the left jog wheel doesnt work at all.

I upload a video in case someone could help me pls

Hi @Dean, welcome to the forum.

I think you mean the right jog does not work?!

What happen is strange indeed.

Is the unit brand new? Did you take off the protective plastic that came on the jog wheel, mine seemed unresponsive then I realised I hadn’t taken that off.

My thought also, but I don’t see them in the video. @Dean, you should see a blue-ish peel-off, if I remember correctly. On an SC, it’s more obvious, as the peel-off has a red label.

Also don’t touch the platters when powering on. It will do a calibration.

Hi yes i did remove the plastic and yes the unit is brand new i unboxed it and this issue happen.

Okay. If the unit is properly grounded and still doesn’t work, you should contact the reseller.

Another option is, but I would go the reseller way as it is a new unit.

This could potentially work:

  • Press and hold the VIEW button to access MENU
  • Click UTILITY
  • Click CALIBRATE (and do not touch platters untill calibration is complete (about 3 seconds).

If calibration does not work then check grounding as mentioned before (maybe different power cable, different power outlet). Or else contact reseller or support. Good luck