Denon Prime 2, when I turn on MIC (1 or 2) it make NOISES

This video explains best:

I tried different speakers and they give same sound noise when I enable MIC

I’d try listening for the noise on some different speakers, power leads, wall power sockets and a different house for testing . That sounds like a really angry squarewave sound and that can sometimes mean that something which shouldn’t be outputting power IS back down an audio cable

UPDATE: It works now, no idea what was wrong. I just moved it to my fathers home and we boot it up and issue was gone. Now I tried again in my home and there is no issue, but I used different POWER cable. It might be the cable or just bad connection between cables.

Throw that original power cable away, it may be leaking live into neutral or some such worry

As far I seen most of even cheapest cables don’t do that, but it is wort to test it with some meters.

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